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NSRF began in 1994 as a totally grant-funded organization. For several years now, we've operated solely on income from our trainings, materials sales, and memberships. Your support of NSRF allows us to maintain and improve our work long-term, so our protocols and activities can continue helping learners of all ages achieve greater successes worldwide.

These funds, along with a separate scholarship fund, also support our ability to offer scholarships for trainings, materials, and membership.

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Who was Lois Butler?

Lois Crim Butler was a school change leader and co-director of the Coalition for Essential Schools-Chicago Center until her death in 2010. Trained as a CFG coach in 1996 and later certified as an NSRF national facilitator, Lois worked tirelessly and positively toward supporting educators in transformative leadership. A visionary who sought to improve the world through educating students and adults with respect and equality, Lois worked to improve her own practice intentionally and consistently, and model that behavior for others.

One of Lois's hopes for the work of NSRF was to strategically take our work beyond classrooms and schools into our communities, working with parents, community organizations, and religious groups to reduce isolation and improve collaboration. In her spirit, we offer scholarships to NSRF new coaches trainings.

How to make a gift in Lois's honor

Please consider a gift to ensure that the educators and schools most in need of CFG support can receive our help. Your gift in any amount will help, but we especially encourage gifts in the amount of $815 (funds a full five-day CFG training), $163 (funds a day of CFG training), $75 (funds a member-coach renewal), or $25 (funds a membership renewal). If you are able to fund $13,000, that will pay for a week of training for 15 people on-site at their location.

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