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Join NSRF® as a member and to stay connected to NSRF resources, colleagues, and our mission.

We are pleased to be able provide the following resources for people involved in NSRF work or those of you who want to find out more:

Protocols and Activities
A protocol consists of agreed upon guidelines for a conversation. This type of structure permits very focused conversations to occur. We use protocols for looking at student and adult work, giving and receiving feedback, solving problems or dilemmas, observing classrooms or peers, to push thinking on a given issue and to structure a discussion around a text.

Facilitators' Area
NSRF National Facilitators have undertaken a year-long training and internship process beyond the five-day training for new Critical Friends Group® coaches, in order to be fully certified to train new CFG coaches. (Click here to see the difference between National Facilitators and CFG Coaches) The pages beyond this password-protected link contain materials and forms specific to National Facilitators' needs.

NSRF Connections Journal
Connections is a free journal (in pdf form) published bimonthly which provides a forum of articles and ideas surrounding the work of the NSRF.

Glossary of NSRF Terms
Definitions of common National School Reform Faculty Terms.


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