A to Z
  Learning Communities
  Reflective Dialogue
  Support Materials




Learning Communities Experiences and Processes
    Attributes of a Learning Community
    Becoming One Community
    Classroom Meeting
    Community Agreements
    Compass Points Questions
    Critical Friends Groups Purpose & Work
    Feedback Nightmares
    Feedback Principles
    Feedback Provided During Protocols
    Forming Ground Rules
    Future Protocol (a.k.a. "Back to the Future")
    Goal Setting Protocol
    Individual Monthly Action Plan for Groups
    It Takes a Village
    Microlab Guidelines
    Microlabs on CFG Purpose and Coach's Role (aka "Sally Friendly")
    Microlab Suggestions
    North, South, East and West: an Exercise in Understanding Preferences in Group Work (Compass Points)
    The Paseo (or Circles of Identity Activity)
    Professional Learning Communities Survey
    Professional Learning Communities Survey Exercise
    Realms of Concern and Influence
    The Right Family
    Sally Friendly: see "Microlabs on CFG Purpose and Coach's Role"
    Talking Stick Ceremony
    Writing Workshop Feedback Protocol
    Zones of Comfort, Risk and Danger: Constructing Your Zone Map
    Profile of a Student
    Success Analysis
  Support Materials
    Learning Communities 
      Considerations for Responsive Facilitation
      Quotes for Closings










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