Critical Friends Group® Coaches' Handbook

The Coaches' Handbook is the text now used in our Critical Friends Group® New Coaches' trainings. It contains all the foundational and most-used protocols and activities from the NSRF® library, as well as a 40+ page section devoted to helping new coaches get their groups off the ground, and help more experienced coaches understand how to do CFG work with much more finesse and effectiveness. Features a table-of-contents organized by protocol topic or use, a detailed index, and multiple references for matching protocols to pieces of work.

This book is only available for purchase by NSRF-certified CFG Coaches. If any of the following are true, please call our office at 812-330-2702 between 9-5 Eastern US time, M-F to place your order:

If you are not a current, registered coach-member of this website, you must contact us to see if you're in our offline database. If you are not, you will have to provide documentation of your certification by us as a CFG coach.

If you are placing an order for multiple coaches within your organization, you will need to supply us with names (and possibly documentation) of each of the coaches. If ordering more than five books, you also need to email or call us so we can give you an accurate shipping charge.

If you need to pay with a purchase order, or ship internationally, you will need to email or call us with that information.

There are no refunds of this product.

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