Observation protocols

Although one might say that all protocols require skills in “observing” any piece of work or problem, NSRF observation protocols specifically offer opportunities for educators to learn by viewing their peers at work, by being viewed, and by having their environments viewed by others.

It is important to remember that these protocols require significant trust that the observation is for learning. They are not meant to be used to evaluate job performance.

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First Visits (Worksheet only)
First Visits + Worksheet
Focus Point Protocol
Ghost Visit
Ghost Visit - Worksheets only
Interesting Moments Observation Protocol
Observation Protocol #1: Video Camera
Observation Protocol #2: Focus Point
Observation Protocol #3: Interesting Moments
Observation Protocol #4: Teaming
Observation Protocol #5: Observer As Learner
Observation Protocol #6: Person Observed as Coach
Observation Protocol #7: Silent Debriefing
Observation Protocol #8: Self Observation
Observation Protocol - First Visits
Observation Protocol - First Visits - Worksheet only
Observation Protocol - Ghost Visit + Worksheets
Observation Protocol - Ghost Visit - Worksheets Only
Observer As Learner
Practicing Peer Observation Protocols
School Walk Protocol
Student Observation Protocol: Focus Point
Student Observation Protocol: Interesting Moments
Student Observation Protocol: Observer Learner
Video Camera Protocol (observation)