Learning Communities Protocols and Activities

These NSRF protocols and activities lay the groundwork for building a Critical Friends Group® learning community. Several activities are designed to ensure a common language and common definitions. Others begin the process of building group cohesion before arriving at the true work of CFG® communities, working on member dilemmas and individuals' daily practice.

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Attributes of a Learning Community
Becoming One Community
CFG Agenda Planning Protocol
CFG Meeting Planning Worksheet
Chalk Talk for Planning
Classroom Equity Writing Prompt
Closing Quote Cards
Closing Quotes Activity
Community Agreements
Compass Points Activity
Compass Points II -- Do Opposites Attract?
Compass Points III -- Clockwise Round
Considerations for Responsive Facilitation
Critical Friends Group Year-End Survey
Critical Friends Groups Purpose & Work
Demands of Change Activity
Draw Your School Map (icebreaker)
Forming Ground Rules
Goal Setting in CFGs Protocols
Individual Monthly Action Plan for Groups
It Takes a Village
Microlabs on CFG Purpose and Coach's Role (aka "Sally Friendly")
North, South, East and West: an Exercise in Understanding Preferences in Group Work (Compass Points)
Paseo (or Circles of Identity Activity)
Picture Metaphor Activity
Picture Metaphor Cards
Practicing Peer Observation Protocols
Probing Questions Exercise
Probing Questions Practice Activity
Process of Developing Success a Protocol for Reflection and Analysis ATLAS Learning Communities
Process of Developing Understanding: a Protocol for Reflection and Analysis
Professional Learning Communities Survey
Professional Learning Communities Survey Exercise
Profile of a Student Activity
Profile of a Student Activity (for small groups)
Profile of a Student Activity: Alternative Students
Quote Cards for Intro Activity
Quotes for Closings
Quotes Introduction Activity
Realms of Concern and Influence
Sally Friendly: see "Microlabs on CFG Purpose and Coach's Role"
Student Profiles for Profile of a Student Activity
Success Analysis Protocol
Success Analysis Protocol a Protocol for Reflection and Analysis (Project Version)
Success Analysis Protocol for Administrative Teams
Success Analysis Protocol for Creative Learning Communities
Success Analysis Protocol for Individuals
Success Analysis Protocol for Leadership Teams
Success Analysis Protocol with Reflective Questions
Using NSRF Protocols vs. Ongoing Critical Friends Group Work (new document free to all)
Zones of Comfort, Risk and Danger