Equity protocols and activities

These NSRF protocols and activities ask members of Critical Friends Group® learning communities to consider questions of equitable education for all.

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Check in Circle
Classroom Equity Writing Prompt
Constructivist Listening Dyad - "The Dyad"
Courageous Conversations Compass
Diversity Rounds
Equity Perspectives: Creating Space for Making Meaning on Equity Issues
Equity Protocol
Equity Stances Activity
First Ask, Then Listen: How to Get Your Students To Help You Teach Them Better: A Teachers Guide
Forming a Triangle
Liar's Poker
Looking at Student Work: Building in the Habit of Looking at Equity
North, South, East and West: an Exercise in Understanding Preferences in Group Work (Compass Points)
Pair Communication: Active-Listening Exercise
Paseo (or Circles of Identity Activity)
ProMISE Protocol: using the Courageous Conversation Compass with a Text
Provocative Prompts for Equity
Suggestions for Bringing Student Work (Equity Version)
Tuning for Equity Protocol
Village of 100 People