Protocols and Activities Good for Classroom Use

A number of NSRF protocols and activities work beautifully even with students as young as kindergartners. Students at about the fifth grade and older find protocols an especially fascinating way to learn, especially as they come to appreciate the value of silence!

Almost all of these protocols will need to be modified for use with students (for example, times should often be cut). We do not recommend the use of these protocols unless led by an NSRF-certified coach or someone who has seen the protocols led by a certified coach numerous times. Many of these require essential scaffolding activities before used with students in the classroom. Use outside these circumstances may lead to adverse effects.

You will notice that some of these protocols and activities are not available to you in updated form. To gain access to ALL the updated protocols and activities, you must complete a five-day NSRF coaches training. If you can document that you have completed such a training and wish to upgrade your membership to a member-coach status, please follow these instructions on this page.

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Affinity Mapping
Ah-HA! Protocol
Barriers or Bridges: A Matter of Perspective and Attitude
Block Party
Chalk Talk
Chalk Talk for Planning
Check in Circle
Closing Quotes Activity
Community Agreements
Compass Points II -- Do Opposites Attract?
Compass Points III -- Clockwise Round
Constructivist Learning Groups
Constructivist Listening Dyad - "The Dyad"
Consultancy (now see Dilemma Consultancy)
Continuum Dialogue
Courageous Conversations Compass
Creating Metaphors
Day in the Life Student Journal
Description of Open Space
Descriptive Consultancy
Diversity Rounds
Draw Your School Map (icebreaker)
Dyad - The Constructivist Listening Dyad
Equity Perspectives: Creating Space for Making Meaning on Equity Issues
Equity Stances Activity
Feedback Carousel
Feedback Nightmares
Final Word
First Ask, Then Listen: How to Get Your Students To Help You Teach Them Better: A Teachers Guide
Fishbowl Technique
Forming a Triangle
Forming Ground Rules
Fortune Cookie Warm-Up
Four A's Text Protocol
Framing Consultancy Dilemmas and Consultancy Questions
Future Protocol (a.k.a "Back to the Future")
Giving & Receiving Feedback
Hopes & Fears Activity
Hopes & Fears for CFG Work
Ice Breakers and Warm-Ups
Individual Monthly Action Plan (I-MAP)
Individual Monthly Action Plan for Groups
Inquiry Circles: a Protocol for Professional Inquiry
Issaquah Protocol
It Takes a Village
Jigsaw Description
Learning From Speakers Protocols
Let's Figure It Out... Group Math
Liar's Poker
Logistics for Open Space
Making Meaning Protocol
Making Meaning Protocol: The Storytelling Version
Microlab Guidelines
Microlabs -- Example Questions
Mine Walk
Mississippi Hot Chocolate Swamp
Modeling the Consultancy Protocol Using an Interactive Fishbowl
Multiple Perspectives Protocol
Networking Protocol
North, South, East and West: an Exercise in Understanding Preferences in Group Work (Compass Points)
One Significant Reaction
Open Space Technology Materials
Orchard Cove Protocol
Pair Communication: Active-Listening Exercise
Paseo (or Circles of Identity Activity)
Peeling the Onion: Developing a Problem Protocol
Picture Metaphor Activity
Ping Pong Protocol: a Consultancy for Groups
Pocket Guide to Probing Questions (now see Quick Guide to Probing Questions)
Probing Questions Approaches
ProMISE Protocol: using the Courageous Conversation Compass with a Text
Quick Guide to Probing Questions
Quote Cards for Intro Activity
Quotes for Closings
Quotes Introduction Activity
Realms of Concern and Influence
Reflections on Adapting/Creating Protocols
Reflections Sheets
Right Family
Save the Last Word For Me
School Walk Protocol
Setting Agreements Activity
Student Work Gallery
Success Analysis Protocol
Success Analysis Protocol a Protocol for Reflection and Analysis (Extended Form)
Success Analysis Protocol a Protocol for Reflection and Analysis (Project Version)
Success Analysis Protocol with Reflective Questions
Text Rendering Activity
Text-Based Seminar
Text-Based Seminar Guidelines
Thinking out of the Box
Thirty-Minute Protocols
Three Levels of Text Protocol
Together We Can Make a Difference - Classroom Design for Beginning Teambuilding
Tower of Brahm
Tuning Protocol
Tuning Protocol Guidelines
Tuning Protocol-Tuning a Plan
Twelve Perspectives on Equity - Equity Perspectives: Creating Space for Making Meaning on Equity Issues
Understanding Probing Questions
Uranium Mine
Village of 100 People
Warp Speed
Water Balloon Volleyball
What, So What, Now What Protocol
Writing Workshop Feedback Protocol
Zones of Comfort, Risk and Danger
Zones Pie Chart Activity