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NSRF National Facilitators Area

NSRF National Facilitator Login

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This is a protected area of the website where NSRF National Facilitators may find support and resources for the trainings they conduct, and the forms necessary so that the coaches they train become certified member coaches of NSRF. If you are an NSRF National Facilitator and would like access, please email a request to nsrf@nsrfharmony.org or call the NSRF Office at 812-330-2702.

The difference between a Critical Friends Group (CFG) Coach and a National Facilitator

A CFG coach is someone who has completed a 5-day New Coaches CFG training and been certified by NSRF. CFG coaches are qualified to run Critical Friends Groups (CFGs) in their schools or districts, as well as use NSRF protocols in their classrooms, staff meetings, department meetings, etc. CFG coaches are not qualified to train other people to be CFG coaches. That’s the job of NSRF National Facilitators.

Want to be a NSRF National Facilitator?

National Facilitators are CFG coaches who complete a training process to learn to facilitate New and Experienced Coaches Trainings, other workshops, strategic planning sessions, and school visits associated with NSRF.

To become a National Facilitator you would need to finish these five requirements:

1.  Complete a CFG New Coaches Five-Day Training to become a NSRF-certified CFG coach.
2.  Complete at least one year of coaching a CFG that has met at least once a month for at least two hours, then send NSRF agendas and notes from these CFG meetings.
3.  Intern with a certified NSRF facilitator during at least two CFG New Coaches Five-Day training sessions, then send NSRF agendas, notes, and reflections about your performance from these training sessions.
4.  Send in a recommendation from your mentor National Facilitator that states you are ready to facilitate CFG trainings, and
5.  Pay and stay current with your National Facilitator dues.

Once you become a National Facilitator, we will put you in our database as such and ask you to let us know your availability for conducting trainings. Then we may contact you should we learn of appropriate training opportunities or meetings for you to lead. You may organize and teach CFG training sessions of your own (and if you want the coaches you train to be NSRF-certified, these need to be run within NSRF requirements). If you follow the NSRF guidelines, we are happy to advertise your trainings in the above table on our website.  Please contact us if you have any questions about this process at nsrf@nsrfharmony.org.



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