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Would you like to become a certified Critical Friends Groups® coach
and learn the subtleties of conducting NSRF® protocols effectively?

There are two ways you can be trained as a NSRF-certified CFG coach. You may choose to complete a Five-Day Open Training, or to participate in a Five-Day On-Site Training scheduled for your organization, district or school.

Open Trainings in Bloomington, Indiana and elsewhere

Currently, NSRF offers Open Trainings in Bloomington, Indiana, three times a year, typically in February, July, and October, and occasionally in other sites. Educators and administrators from across the country and all over the world come together in exciting, productive sessions tailored to meet each group’s specific needs. (Other National Facilitators sometimes offer open trainings at other locations, at other times of the year. For a list of these trainings, please see our Upcoming Events table below.)

Attending our Open Training costs $795/participant for five days’ training, plus travel, lodging and dinners on your own. This option is best if you’d like to train single participants or small groups.

Our summer training is five sequential days, but our autumn and spring trainings are three/two-day splits: we've learned that it’s immensely challenging to draw educators away from their schools for five sequential days during the academic year. Instead, we schedule the first three days of the training, and the participants themselves will decide on Day Three when they will return to Bloomington for the final two days of the training. All five days are paid in advance, included in the $795 fee. If a participant can't make the last two days with the rest of their class, they may join us when a later group schedules their two days, at no extra charge.

On-Site Trainings

If traveling to Bloomington during these times is unworkable for you and if you have several people to train as coaches, NSRF can bring our trainings to your location. On-Site Trainings are very specifically tailored to the particular needs of your organization, and is our most cost-effective option if you'd like to train ten or more people at once. A Five-Day On-Site CFG Coaches Training averages approximately $750 per participant for groups of fifteen. The amount will vary depending on your location, the size of your group, and whether you might be able to offset some expenses directly.

Five-day Trainings: the Gold Standard

Because we're often asked, we'll tell you now: NSRF® facilitators can conduct trainings for fewer than five days, but in that case, participants would not be NSRF-certified CFG® Coaches at the end of the workshop. NSRF National Facilitators are also available for consultation, and to facilitate efficient and effective meetings and strategic planning sessions with actionable outcomes.

If you have any questions about NSRF CFG training, please email us at nsrf@nsrfharmony.org or call us at 812-330-2702.


Upcoming Events

The trainings below are being held at various sites across the country. Unless otherwise noted, seminar fees include all training, materials, lunch, and breaks. Overnight accommodations, transportation, and evening meals are additional costs, arranged by you.






June 16-20, 2014

Five-Day CFG New Coaches Training in Nashville, Tennessee facilitated by Genie Tanner, NSRF National Facilitator, Human Resources Manager at University School of Nashville (USN), and Human Resources Consultant for Knowledge Academies. A limited number of seats are still available for this CFG coaches training. Contact Genie Tanner: gtanner@email.usn.org or 615-321-8018

$795 per participant

Nashville, TN

June 20-24, 2014

Five-Day CFG New Coaches Training in Athens, Greece facilitated by David Nelson, NSRF National Facilitator and Faculty Development and Growth Program Coordinator for the American Community Schools of Athens, Greece. A very limited number of seats are still available for this CFG coaches training, so if you're interested, please download this flyer, or contact David Nelson: nelsond@acs.gr or +30 210 6393200

Ä550 per participant

Athens, Greece

June 23-27, 2014

A Five-Day CFG New Coaches Training in San Jose, California, is being considered. If you want to attend this training, register BEFORE May 16 by calling Luci or Michele at 812-330-2702. We must fill the training by May 16 or we will need to cancel the opportunity, so donít delay if you are interested!


$850 per participant


San Jose, CA

June 23-27, 2014

Five-Day CFG New Coaches Training in San Francisco, California, part of the TEACH 21 WEST Conference. Note that the conference will be held June 23-26, but to be certified as a CFG coach, you need to stay for the fifth day of training, which ends about 2 p.m. on June 27. This CFG coaches training is now full.


FULL! $850 per participant


San Francisco, CA

Summer, 2014

Additional open trainings are being considered this summer. If you believe your school or district might be interested in hosting an open training, please call Luci or Michele at NSRF, 812-330-2702 to learn more about this possibility. If you're interested in possibly attending an open training held in a different location and/or on different dates than what is listed here, please email nsrf@nsrfharmony.org and we'll add you to our list to be informed as new opportunities arise.





July 7-11, 2014

Five-Day CFG New Coaches Training with NSRF National Facilitators, Deb Christenson and Steve Barrett, at Wildwood Outreach Center, Los Angeles, California. For more information, contact Steve at outreach@wildwood.org or 310-806-4502.


FULL! $795 per participant


Los Angeles, CA

July 14-18, 2014

Five-Day CFG New Coaches Training in Bloomington, Indiana. Follow the link to learn more or register. If you'd like to make your reservations by phone, or make multiple reservations for other staff members, call NSRF at 812-330-2702. We encourage participants to bring at least one colleague, for best results in setting up CFGs later.


$795 per participant


Bloomington, IN


Want to go beyond CFG Coaches Training
and become certified as an NSRF National Facilitator?

National Facilitators are CFG coaches who complete an additional training process to prepare them to facilitate New and Experienced Coaches Trainings, other workshops, strategic planning sessions, and school visits associated with NSRF.

To become a National Facilitator you would need to finish these five requirements:

1.  Complete a CFG New Coaches Five-Day Training to become a NSRF-certified CFG coach.
2.  Complete at least one year of coaching a CFG that has met at least once a month for at least two hours, then send NSRF agendas and notes from these CFG meetings.
3.  Intern with a certified NSRF facilitator during at least two CFG New Coaches Five-Day training sessions, then submit NSRF your agendas, notes, and reflections about your performance in these training sessions.
4.  Send in a recommendation from your mentor National Facilitator that confirms your readyness to facilitate CFG trainings, and
5.  Pay and stay current with your National Facilitator dues.

Once you become a National Facilitator, we will put you in our database as such and ask you to keep us informed about your availability for conducting trainings. Then, you should we learn of appropriate training opportunities or meetings for you to lead, we may contact you to negotiate your availability. After you sign an agreement with us and follow our requirements, you may organize and teach CFG Coaches training sessions on your own and the coaches you train may be certified by NSRF. Based on this agreement, we are happy to advertise your trainings in the above table on our website.  Please contact us if you have any questions about this process at nsrf@nsrfharmony.org or 812-330-2702.


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