NSRF Protocols and Activities

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About “Original NSRF Protocols v.3.2”

Since 1994, the National School Reform Faculty® has created and refined more than 200 protocols and activities to use in Critical Friends Group® work, in classrooms, meetings of all sorts, and beyond. All those familiar protocols which have always been freely available on our website (many of which are found in the NSRF® Resource Book) are still indexed and available below. For clarity's sake, we're referring to this collection as “Open NSRF Protocols, v. 3.2” as these are the same protocols available on our Materials CD-ROM, v.3.2, still available for purchase through NSRF. In the Protocols A-Z list, they're indicated with a .

A to Z - alphabetical listing of protocols, instructions, and activities
Learning Communities - tools useful in building and maintaining learning communities
Equity - materials related to exploring equity
Inquiry - tools for exploring topics and ideas
Team-building and trust-building experiences - activities to help you work together better
Dilemma protocols - for use with challenging problems without a clear answer
Observation protocols - for peers to learn from one another
Text protocols - with a variety of purposes
Protocols and activities good to use in the classroom - with a variety of age groups
Protocols good for administrative uses - strategic planning and other business tools
Brainstorming protocols - tools to brainstorm more effectively

Now introducing ... “NSRF Protocols/Activities 4.0 for members and coaches"

For the last several years, NSRF has transformed from being a grant-supported organization to one that is entirely self-supported through our memberships, materials sales, and fees for trainings. We honor our commitment to serving educators, regardless of their ability to pay, by keeping the v.3.2 materials available and offering scholarships for training. But for the sustainability of the organization and with respect to those who keep our organization afloat, we felt it was time to offer more benefits to those members, member-coaches, and current national facilitators.

In late 2014, with the launch of our membership drive and revised website, we've begun adding new protocols and activities, updates to the 3.2 protocols and activities, and many other benefits for paying members, member-coaches, and national facilitators. If you've paid your NSRF dues or been trained by NSRF National Facilitators within the last calendar year, please login for access to the new and revised materials. Members have access to materials indicated with a and member-coaches have access to materials. (Call 812-330-2702 or email us if you have not received a previous email/letter with your login information, and need us to confirm your status.) Remember, if we have documentation that you have been trained in the last 12 months as a CFG coach by NSRF, you have one year's free membership!

How to find your favorite (or new favorite) protocol or activity

Although there are a plethora of uses for NSRF protocols and activities, we've organized some of them into logical groupings below. If you have any trouble downloading, please make sure you have a recent version of Adobe Reader on your computer. (Download from Adobe.)

We're happy to assist member coaches in the selection and use of our tools and resources. If you have been trained as a CFG coach and are unsure if you are a member of the NSRF, please call us at 812-330-2702 or email us.

Protocols are less effective and sometimes are counter-productive when used outside of established, trusted groups or when they are led by people who have not taken NSRF coaches trainings. Please be aware that this type of use might not reflect the potential power of protocols, CFGs, and facilitative leadership. For the best results, consider signing up for CFG coaches training. Current members receive a $25 discount on trainings during their membership year, among other benefits.

For greater efficiency in selecting protocols and activities

If you use a range of our original v.3.2 protocols often, we encourage you to consider purchasing a CD-ROM of that collection of NSRF protocols. For only $10 plus shipping, the CD saves considerable time, as you may open multiple protocols for review simply and quickly without an internet connection.

We have not yet prepared a new CD-ROM or flash drive collection of the new materials, but if you're interested in receiving news about when that or the new Protocol Selection Tool becomes available, please or email us.