Three Key Things to Know

  1. The 200+ NSRF® protocols and activities that have always been free are still here and still free! But, if you have a current paid membership, please login for access to even more content.
    If you don't know your login name and password, if you have old bookmarks that no longer work and you can't find something, or if you have any other questions, please call 812-330-2702 or email us for help.

  2. The NSRF organization legally owns the Critical Friends Group® registered trademark, and here's what that means for you. Just as you want to know what taste to expect when you open your preferred brand of peanut butter, we want you to be able to expect the highest quality experience when being trained as a Critical Friends Group coach by an NSRF-certified National Facilitator. If someone suggests you take a training from them and they aren't in good standing with their NSRF National Facilitators certification, we cannot guarantee the quality of training they might provide, and we could not allow you coaches' access to this website. We also ask that CFG meetings be led by an NSRF-trained coach for the best possible outcome. (For more information, please see our FAQ.)

  3. Also, this short list of facts isn't new, but bears repeating as Key Things To Know Now:
    1. Anyone can belong to a Critical Friends Group (CFG) community or use our free protocols in meetings or classrooms. (For other uses, ask us.) When you use our materials, please be sure to give us proper attribution.
    2. Every CFG community should be led by one or more NSRF-certified CFG Coaches (i.e., people who completed a five-day training with us).
    3. CFG Coaches are not certified to train others to become coaches. That requires an NSRF-certified National Facilitator to ensure quality control and best possible outcomes.